LonAgro Angola Supports Nurses Day

In celebration of Nurses Day, LonAgro Angola responded to a request for donations from the local Municipal Hospital of Icolo e Bengo (Catete) to cater for their Nurses Day celebrations.

LonAgro Angola Supports Nurses Day

Since the pandemic began and the resulting health crisis, the health sector has faced an unprecedented increase in demand. In cases like these, private sector donations can make all the difference.

LonAgro Angola Supports Nurses Day (1) LonAgro Angola Supports Nurses Day (3)

As a business operating in regions far from urban centres, the goal of LonAgro Angola is to build and maintain strong relationships with these communities and municipalities because the business is a part of the community. In the current economic and financial environment, all stakeholders need to support each other and give back to society; especially in the community around them.

Eduardo Lima, LonAgro Angola, Country Manager said, “I am proud of all my staff who contributed to this event. After all, our presence in the market is to make a decisive contribution to the communities where we operate.  We have achieved this by committing ourselves to a broad spectrum of activities, from honouring our nurses to ensuring modernization and expansion of agriculture in Angola by providing equipment solutions, parts, and technical assistance.”

This donation forms parts of LonAgro Angola’s broad commitment to Social Responsibility and cements the company’s role in supporting the industries, farmers, caregivers and people of Angola.

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