LonAgro Mozambique Delivers BELL Equipment to the Total Oil and Gas Project in Afungi

September saw LonAgro Mozambique deliver an order of 9 BELL Equipment machines to a client contracted to the Total Oil and Gas Project in Afungi, Northern Mozambique.

This is one of the largest single deliveries fulfilled by LonAgro Mozambique and consisted of; 6 BELL B45E ADTs (Articulated Dump Trucks), a BELL B18E 20,000 litre water tanker and two BELL B40E 34,000 litre Fire Trucks. The B45E ADTs are stationed at the newly developed barge plant and are used to move sand dredged from the ocean floor. The Fire Trucks and Water Tanker are stationed at the Pioneer Camp in Afungi and provide fire service protection for the camp and surrounding areas, as well as dust suppression in the dry and busy conditions.

The adoption of BELL products by stakeholder in the LNG (Liquid Natural Gas) industry further emphasise the adaptability of BELL Equipment’s products. Their extensive range of machines have already proven their capabilities in the mining, forestry and construction industries across the globe, but this new venture opens yet another industry where BELL products can show just what they are made of!

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